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Our market leading app myshiftplanner is used by 400,000 shift workers every day.

The #1 shift working app on the app store, myshiftplanner is used in all shift working industries, including NHS, medical, front-line services, retail, manufacturing, hospitality and travel.

With myshiftplanner, shift workers have their shift rota in their pocket all the time. Helping them manage their time and improving work/life balance.

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We're building the scheduler of the future!

The next stage for myshiftplanner ...

Our new product, myshiftplanner>manager is currently under development. Offering streamlined team scheduling for shift managers connecting directly to the myshiftplanner app.

For a limited time we are offering the opportunity to trial myshiftplanner>manager, for FREE!

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Chris Pimlott

Owner & MD

Chris has over 20yrs experience in the commercial software industry. He has a passion for improving lives through technology.

Matt Jones

Commercial Director

Matt manages our commercial operations. As well as technical support and client management.

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We're proud to have been mentors for Tech Manchester for the last six years. During that time we've helped other tech start-ups evolve and grow their businesses


Best Shift Planner out there *****

There is literally no shift pattern it can't accommodate. Even if you're struggling to fathom how to adapt it to your shifts, their online support is second to none. E-mail them a question and an actual person gets in touch with a response and answers any other questions. And then sorts your pattern for you. Genuinely don't know how they manage to provide such a service. Five Stars!

App Store - July 2019

Planning My Life *****

This app has made planning my life so much easier. I don't know how I managed without it!

App Store - July 2019

Life Saver! *****

It's a great app, I cannot live without it! It's really easy to use and set up. So many options of different shifts to choose from and you can even make your shift hours and choose a unique colour for them. I would recommend it to everybody 😉

Google Play Review - June 2019

Fantastic App with 1st Class Support! *****

The app is easy to use and the online support is out of this world!! Can't praise the team high enough!! Constantly striving to improve the app with bug fixes and enhancements and they listen to the ones who use the app daily! By far the best shift tracker/planner I've come across!

iTunes Connect - March 2019

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