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A Few Words from our Clients

  • Adzuki Ltd
    by Richard Wise - Managing Director
    June 2016
    "Working with MyBuzz Technologies to develop our cloud based accounting system aimed at the Self Employed has been a total pleasure. They immersed themselves in the complexities of the accounting requirements to fully understand the required outputs and positively challenged the design to ensure optimum performance and user experience of the finished system.
    The positive and supportive working relationship has been key to our success and we look forward to working with the MyBuzz Technologies team in the future."
    MFLN Ltd
    by Gareth Hunt - Managing Director
    July 2015
    "When MyBuzz Technologies created the web app for me, I got the service and work that money just cannot buy! It was absolutely amazing. I got everything I asked for and more!
    It was made easy by great co-operation with them. They're very easy to work with and understand what you want and how you want things. I would recommend MyBuzz Technologies to anyone. Simply the best and we would like to say a big thank you!"
    Landmark Finance Ltd
    by Andrew Cartwright - Sales Director
    Feb 2015
    "We have worked with My Buzz Technologies for over 6 years and have always found them to be friendly, professional, understanding and extremely easy to deal with; attentive and able to quickly identify our company’s needs. Their enthusiasm for our business and products shines through and ensures that My Buzz Technologies is constantly working with us to help grow our business"

A Sample of Feedback from our Users

  • Mike Parker - Email Feedback
    Great app for the shift worker see a a glance when I'm working months in advance and keep on top of overtime and changes, would recommend to anyone.
  • Scooby - Email Feedback
    Thank you for making this app idiot proof as I'm not the best with gadgets but now I can see my shift patterns and plan my days better.
  • Imtiyaz - Email Feedback
    This app is absolutely amazing
  • Gary McGhee - Email Feedback
    Just a wee thank-you the update is really good and it's great with the notes :-)
  • John Vella - Email Feedback
    Just want to let you know what a great app this is so useful great job to you and your team keep good work up
  • Brilliant 
    by FlyingPig77 - App Store Review
    Brilliant app, I would be lost without it. All colleagues with iPhones have it and the wife, so she doesn't have to constantly ask am I working on such a date.
  • Amazing 
    by Maraxxx - App Store Review
    Now I no when I'm working and when I'm off and on holiday. Such a great app!
  • Shift Planner 

    by Tricky doo - App Store Review
    Best app have downloaded and so easy to use all friends at work also love it :-)

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Our Products

Shift working made easy | Built-in on/off patterns | Built in late/early/day/night/rest

What are my shifts for this month? When is my next weekend off? Am I working on Christmas day? How much annual leave do I have remaining this year?

If you've had to work this out in the past, you know it can be a laborious exercise of counting days on your calendar, or scrap of paper provided by your manager.

Download this app for your iPhone or iPad to never have to do that again!

MyShiftPlanner is the ideal personal shift planner and scheduler for any shift worker. Created to take the pain out of keeping on top of your personal life planning, it AUTOMATICALLY calculates your shift pattern or rota for you, keeps your overtime and holidays in one place and show them on an easy to use colour-coded calendar.

Now supporting almost every type of working pattern, pay days, split shifts, public holidays (US, UK, Australia and Canada), on-call, shift times, notes and more. You can even purchase Add-on packs to add shift reminders, time reports and annual leave tracking tools to the app if you need them!

MyShiftPlanner is free and really easy to use and with 190,000+ users already enjoying the app, its the essential shift planner app every on/off or on/on/off shift worker should have!

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